Why GeoParticipation?

I have decided to start a blog about GeoParticipation, because I believe that there is a new, growing multi- and inter- disciplinary field, which combines geography, GIScience, cartography, development studies, urban planning, sociology, political science, architecture, policy making, and many more.

In each discipline, the field (if you can already call it a field) has been given different names – Participatory GIS, Community mapping, neocartography, local spatial knowledge planning, sustainable community development, etc. Based on my previous experience, everything is more or less related to the spatial element, therefore I started exploring this topic under term GeoParticipation.

Of course, I was not the first person, who came up with the word nor the idea. I got inspired by Peter Johnson and his GeoParticipation blog. Other inspirations and as well examples of very nice blogs related to what I do are Muki Haklay´s blog, Patrik Meier´s or Extreme Citizen Science blog.

I will be happy if you follow the blog, I am open to any suggestions, quest posts or cross-sharing information. I hope you will find relevant information about GeoParticipation on this blog.

Jirka Pánek


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