The first issue of Development, Environment and Foresight journal is available

The post has nothing to do with participatory mapping or GeoParticipation, nevertheless I would like to steer your attention to the first issue of  Development, Environment and Foresight (DEF journal). First of all Pavel Nováček in his editorial opens the question Why Development, Environment and Foresight?. The opening is followed by two research papers, one by Elizabeth Florescu and Jerome Glenn about Environmental Security Rising on the International Agenda; second is from Tomáš Daněk, who elaborates on Environmentalism in the age of Biologism. Within the student papers section Kristýna Lungová shares her experience with Access to Drinking Water and Community Development in Northwestern Haiti. First issue is concluded by essay from Juraj Mesik´s Oil, climate, denial and the future capacity of development assistance—Part I. DEF Journal is available for free download and is share as open access journal. In case you would be interested in publishing with DEF journal, please contact editorial board!


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