Mapping Ephemeralities / Ephemeral Cartographies workshop

Mapping Ephemeralities / Ephemeral Cartographies is a workshop organized by the International Cartographic Association (ICA) Commissions on Maps and Society & Art and Cartography (Rio de Janeiro, August 21-22, 2015). It will take place prior to the 27th International Cartographic Convention (August 23-28th, 2015). Thanks to the ICA Research Scholarship I will be able to participate in both the workshop as well as the conference. 

The goal of the workshop is to provide an intellectual and creative space to share different ideas and methodologies about mapping evanescent elements such as memories, stories, sensations and perceptions about places, as well as a practical environment to learn how some of these methodologies and technologies can be used and adapted for designing (online) maps of ephemeral phenomenon. The workshop will combine academic and artistic presentations with ephemeral data collection activities. One objective of the workshop is to use these data to design an ephemeral online collectively-made map of the ephemeralities of the Maracana neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro.

I will have a presentation titled Emotional mapping for community based decision-making + GIS mapping tool, which will be dealing with a newly developed web-application for collecting emotional information about places within the city (I mentioned this tool here). The application is currently use by the Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic Network within their Local Agenda 21 activities. The Network is using the emotional maps as a part of their citizen participation workshops and the results are easily exported to shapefile, hence it can be used in any GIS software together with cadaster maps, analytical layers as well as development plans. During the presentation, I will present the tool, discuss possible usage of the tool among participants and find colleagues who would be willing to modify and use the tool in their local environments.

In case you are interested in Ephemeral mapping, have a look at the preliminary programme, maybe you will find something inspiring.


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