GeoParticipation and Community Mapping (presentation)

Today I had a presentation about GeoParticipation and Community Mapping at University of Iceland, as a part of my research stay at Department of Geography and Tourism.

The abstract of my presentation said something like: “Creating community maps has an empowering effect on participating members of the community. Since it gives people an opportunity to think spatially about their environment, the process of creating a community map triggers feelings of being literally put on the map, belonging to the community and having ownership of the empowering process. The sense of ownership sparks empowerment and actuates the momentum for sustainable development — driven and run by the community, as it comes from within the community itself. The lecture will explore trends in GeoParticipation – methods how communities can be involved in creating maps that help them advocate about their environment and living space.”


There were about 20 people and we had nice discussion after the presentation, which is available as PDF for download, if somebody is interested in it.

For the possibility of being in Iceland and presenting here I have to thank again to EEA and Norwegian grants.

The Participatory GIS on Iceland – Teachers mobility (my project) benefits from a 2.000 € grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the Norway Grants. The aim of the project is to to create a suitable background for establishing successful partnerships at the bilateral and international level between institutions and individuals involved in the educational sphere in the Czech Republic and the Donor States – in this case Iceland.



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