International Cartographic Conference – Day 1

Today, Monday 24th August, started the 27th International Cartographic Conference (ICC) in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, and I have the great pleasure to be here and to present my research. 

First day of any conference is usually full of opening speeches. The ICC was officially opened by president of the International Cartographic Association (ICA) prof. Georg Gartner, who among other things stressed, that “Cartography is the key” to unleash the potential of geospatial data.

I also had my 5 minutes of fame today. Well, it was actually and bit more than 5 minutes. First of all I was awarded by the ICA Research Scholarship together with other 4 young cartographers. This award was given for the first time in the history of ICA and it used to be called “travel grant” for those who wanted to take part in the ICC, but were not able to finance that. The concept was change and currently ICA is giving the research scholarships for young cartographers instead.

After opening ceremony and first keynote the scientific programme of the conference started. I had two presentations today, first in the section “Collaborative Mapping and Social Cartography 1”, where I presented results of my PhD research under title “ARAMANI – Decision-Support Tool for Selecting Optimal Participatory Mapping Method” . My second presentation was in the section “Semiotics, Map Perception, Cognition and Knowledge 1” and my presentation was about our latest research regarding emotional maps – “Emotional Mapping and Emotional Maps as Tools for Community Based Decision-Making”.

Both presentations were accepted positively and I got various interesting questions and suggestions for further research. From today’s programme I would highlight also presentations titled “Changes in City Space Familiarity and Preferences Among Short-Term Visitors” or “Analysis of OpenStreetMap to Support an Official Hybrid Database”.


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