Participatory Mapping/GIS 2017conference

In 2016 Greg Brown joined California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) as Department Head of Natural Resources Management & Environmental Sciences after serving in multiple academic leadership positions at the University of Queensland, Central Washington University, University of South Australia, Alaska Pacific University, and Green Mountain College. Greg is a leading international researcher in participatory mapping research methods (PPGIS/PGIS/VGI). His participatory mapping applications include forest planning, national park planning, assessment of ecosystem services, coastal and marine areas planning, and urban parks and open space planning. He founded the Landscape Values and PPGIS Institute to facilitate global research and communication about participatory spatial planning methods.

In 2017 is is organising world first conference/colloquium about Participatory mapping/GIS for academics, government agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), students, information technology professionals, and anyone interested in advancing knowledge about participatory mapping methods.

The goal of Participatory Mapping/GIS 2017 is to bring together an international community of academics, planners/managers, and practitioners to (1) identify state of knowledge in participatory mapping methods, (2) to learn new mapping applications and technology, and to (3) identify best practices, standards, and future research needs.

If you are interested in Participatory Mapping or Participatory GIS you should not miss this event.


Call for Papers for the 2nd International Conference on ‘Urban e-Planning’ (IJEPR 2017 Conference)

Last year I took part in the International Conference on ‘Urban e-Planning’ (IJEPR 2017 Conference) organised in Lisbon, Portugal and it was quite a nice experience. The conference is closely linked with the International Journal of e-Planning Research, where I have published two papers (Emotional Mapping in Local Neighbourhood Planning: Case Study of Příbram, Czech Republic and Visual Comparison of Web Map Changes of OpenStreetMap and Commercial Online-Map Providers: A Research Note) – let me know if you want copy of any of these.

Nevertheless, the call for papers for the second year of the conference is out and I think it is worth presenting there, so if you are interested in participatory planning, send you abstract, we may see each other there 🙂

Call for papers “VGI: From OpenStreetMap to participation”

VGI: From OpenStreetMap to participation in conjunction with The 2016 International Conference on Computational Science and its Applications (ICCSA 2016) Beijing (China), 4- 7 July 2016.

The phenomenon of volunteered geographic information (VGI) is part of a wider transformation related to the use of geographic data in the different field of applications. Among these, participation, commercial uses and natural or anthropogenic risks assessment could be highlighted. Considering the rising difficulties faced by agencies, authorities and private users in the collection and distribution of new geographical information, a well-conceived VGI could constitute a valuable tool.

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