Crowdsourcing and open data in current humanitarian discourse (presentation)

Last week I had the opportunity to be a guest speaker at Summer School on New Development Cooperation in Prague, where I had a lecture titled “Crowdsourcing and open data in current humanitarian discourse”. As I promised at the summer school, my lecture is available for download as PDF here.


Mapping Emotions in Olomouc

Yesterday my post about Mapping Emotions in Olomouc was posted at Participatory Geographies Research Group blog. I wrote mainly about our experience with testing emotional mapping platform – PocitoveMapy in Olomouc. The whole post can be read below.  Continue reading

Why GeoParticipation?

I have decided to start a blog about GeoParticipation, because I believe that there is a new, growing multi- and inter- disciplinary field, which combines geography, GIScience, cartography, development studies, urban planning, sociology, political science, architecture, policy making, and many more.

In each discipline, the field (if you can already call it a field) has been given different names – Participatory GIS, Community mapping, neocartography, local spatial knowledge planning, sustainable community development, etc. Based on my previous experience, everything is more or less related to the spatial element, therefore I started exploring this topic under term GeoParticipation. Continue reading